Website Development

Mega-Minds can develop a site that best fits your needs.  We can build in WordPress, PHP, Magento, Laravel, Drupal, AngularJS, NodeJS, and Full Stack.  We can also take on any specific customization that you require.

We can assist in discovering what will work best for your needs in a single conversation.  Just let us know your requirements and we will layout a plan for you to review.

We offer a range of option to support you after your Website is launched.  Making changes can be done with an email or phone call.  Just let us know what needs to altered and we will have it done within a few hours, or in some cases minutes!

We can integrate a wide variety of options for you to add.  Anything you can think of we can implement it.  Emails forms, contact forms, linking social media, and adding a menu or images are a small task for us and a big help to you!

Mega-Minds has a seasoned team of designers and developers at its disposal.  From layout to building your brand, we can assist you in every facet.  We aren’t satisfied until you are!

We can offer you themes to apply to make your Website look and respond in the way that you feel is best for you.  Or, if you want to go your own route, we can take the design directly from you and put it into motion in a matter of days.

Mega-Minds has access to 1000’s of designs and options to make your Website unique to you, and a responsive layout that is familiar to your visitors.  Getting the most out of the visit so that you can get the most out your business.

Once your website is completed it still requires maintenance.  We make sure that your domain name is safe and secure.  You will want to make certain that your domain name remains yours and the site is functioning at full capacity.

We will provide the SEO so that your site ends up in the top of the searches, and lock in your domain name name so that it doesn’t fall out of your control.

We can place your site on the top performing servers so that your traffic isn’t slowed down.  Along with adding a SSL gives your users piece of mind that their visit is valid.  And we make certain that email you sent from your site doesn’t end up in the Spam Folder.

Understanding the Process

Selecting a Domain

Picking the name is a great start. We help make it yours!


We can make it better than you can imagine.

Adding Features

Based on your requirements, we build them in.


We assist in adding forms or email accounts from your site.


Meet the requirements and expectations of a secure visitor experience.

Share Your Vision

After approval, your site will be ready to show the world.

3 Steps to Success

From start to finish your opinion is the only one that matters. We will test and submit the final product for you to review.
Your website is our reputation. We will not let you down, that's our promise. It will function and look great on Day 1.
We will make certain that your page is seen at it's fullest potential. We can assist in many ways to get you views.
We will secure the site, so that your visitors will know that they can confidently view all that you offer and have a positive experience.
Have a change of mind or just want to add more content or options. That's no problem for Mega-Minds.
We dive in how the company works to develop dedicated, tailored solutions to suit your business needs.

Packages Starting as Low as…


Site-Only Package

  • WP Front-End Development
  • WP Back-End Development
  •  1 Icon Created
  • 1 WP Theme Included
  • Email Integration
  • 5 Hours Support


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  •  1 Icon Created
  • 10 Hours Design
  • Email Integration
  • 10 Hours Support

Monthly Package

  • Domain Registration
  • Server Dedication
  • Unlimited Modifications
  • New Email Integration
  • SEO Marketing Discounts
  • 24/7 Tech Support