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Our Motto is: Assume Nothing – Track Everything

PPC today is extremely competitive and to succeed you have to be smart, very smart. Fortunately, an intelligent PPC strategy is what you get when you hire our PPC experts who have managed over $7 million in ad spend, researched over 1 million keywords and optimized over 1000+ AdWords accounts for higher ROI for our global clients.

So, whether it is high Quality Scores and a lower Cost-Per-Click (due to our highly qualified Copywriting team that embeds your company’s Value Propositions in your ads) or our tightly built themed ad groups or our high converting landing pages – you are bound to get a high Click-Through-Rate.

So what are you waiting for? Outsource your PPC management services to India today and put your business on a growth trajectory.

Our Extensive Range of A-Z PPC Management Services

As an ISO Certified PPC management company, Mega-Minds offers an extensive range of PPC services to help you run
optimized campaigns across various popular advertising platforms.

Google AdWords Management

Search Advertising

Display Advertising

Shopping Campaigns

Video Advertising

Landing Page Optimization

Bing Ad Management

LinkedIn Ad Management
You also save on hiring an additional developer, designer and tester as these are FREE add-on services with us.

Our Proven PPC Approach

The PPC team at Mega-minds is a highly experienced one and undergoes continuous training from globally acclaimed institutes and training centres. The team combines creativity with proven scientific conversion tools to generate successful PPC campaigns for small to mid-sized businesses around the world.

This very experience and commitment makes Mega-minds the best PPC Agency in India that delivers high quality results consistently.

Why is Mega-minds Your Perfect White Label Partner?
  • Complete reliability and confidentiality maintained at all times
  • Personalized White Label PPC reports with your company name and logo
  • Quality service with ROI based PPC campaigns for your clients
  • High-converting ads reviewed by our certified Copywriters
  • FREE Audit of your clients’ PPC campaigns
  • Cost effective pricing with discounts for bulk outsourcing
  • Help with Pre Sales with audits, custom proposals and keyword research
Our Proven Google AdWords Approach
  • Initial website and campaign goal analysis
  • Keyword search and selection along with ad copy creation
  • Create tightly themed account structure
  • Conversion tracking consultation
  • Strategic bid management to increase ROI
  • Full campaign optimization along with AB testing
  • Google Analytics account consultation and setup
  • Landing page optimization by our Meclabs certified experts
  • Daily, weekly and monthly PPC reporting to clients

Our Secret Formula to 5X Turbo Charge and Maximize your PPC ROI

The secret to any successful campaign – whether it is business or boxing – is strategy

A successful strategy for PPC goes much more beyond mere AdWords account optimization. While the others follow a single game plan, with us, you get to leverage our powerful 5-prong strategy to quintuple the effect of every dollar you spend.

Mega-minds 5-Prong Strategy for PPC Success:

Your PPC campaign starts with your ad copy. Mega-Minds copywriters are skilled in the art of making maximum use of Google’s character limits and grab attention away from your competitor’s ads! All resulting in higher Click-Through-Rates, Quality Score, Lower Cost-Per-Acquisition and more traffic.
Your PPC account optimization not only needs intelligent strategy but also laborious effort. Mega-Minds PPC experts are adept at covering both, and do search optimization as well as negative keyword pruning, mobile optimization etc.
To get higher ROI, you have to first understand how your customers are behaving and why. Our Google Analytics certified experts identify the leaks on your site so that we can fix them and get more conversions
This is our secret weapon, and something that no other PPC agency offers. Offering PPC services without CRO is counter intuitive and a bit like offering a pizza without the cheese! Your ad might get 1 million clicks but it’s no good if your landing page has a low conversion rate. Our Meclabs and Peep Laja (CRO) certified experts will get you more leads from the same amount of traffic. Imagine more sales, without spending anymore on advertising! What distinguishes us from other PPC agencies in India is that we don’t just get you traffic; we are actually experts in converting it for you to, something the vast majority of PPC companies do not offer
Did you know, approximately 97% of traffic leaves a site without converting? We follow your web traffic on Google, Adroll, YouTube and Facebook so that when they are ready to buy, you show up right there. This makes remarketing essential for two reasons:

Our over a decade of expertise in maximizing our clients’ PPC efforts has given us enough insights to create a powerful secret formula that has made over 300 clients double their conversions.

Outsourcing PPC Services and the India Advantage

Is it just the cost? Or are there many more hidden advantages of outsourcing PPC management services to India?

Digital Marketing and PPC are extremely time and labor-intensive. There’s just so much to do. Here’s what a typical digital marketing or PPC lifecycle involves:

  • Detailed Keywords Research
  • Desktop and Mobile Campaign setup
  • Google Analytics Account Audit and setup
  • Conversion Research – Qualitative & Quantitative
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Landing Page Creation based on CRO principles
  • Copywriting
  • Creating Animation Videos for promotion
  • A/B Testing of Ad Copies and Landing Page
  • Re-marketing​
  • Daily Monitoring of your Campaign
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reporting

…and, of course, constant learning so that you are on top of your game because, let’s not forget, Google is constantly updating its features and platforms


Now, imagine doing all of this locally and you are going to rack up a huge bill. Outsourcing is not just about cost saving when it comes to PPC. Outsourcing is about releasing yourself from those PPC-related activities that suck you of your time, energy and resources, whilst simultaneously doubling your gains from digital marketing. It is about being able to expand your wings and focus on those activities that actually quintuple your PPC gains.

From Searching to Hiring, Mega-minds Makes It So Easy!

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  • Dedicated Campaign Account Managers
  • Total 90+ years of team experience
  • Average Quality Score maintained between 8-9
  • Average CTR maintained from 2.89% to 7.34%
  • Reduce paid advertising spend by 34%
  • NDA – complete ownership of work
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% transparency- access your account at any time