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Account Set Up

Mega-Minds provides this one-time service to assist you in kick-starting your Analytics efforts. We can help set up your Google Analytics account, install the code and ensure that the core settings are in place to meet your objectives, including conversion goals.

Analytics Account Management

To ensure that everything is being tracked properly and that every new strategy has its path made in the analytics, we monitor the account on regular basis and debug issues if there are any.

Basic Site Statistics

This is ideal if you have just launched a new website, want to check the performance of your landing pages and blogs. Also, if your site has a low volume of traffic or very little content, then basic site statistics can be extremely helpful.

Advanced Analytics

We can help you answer key questions about your online performance, align reporting around your business objectives and ensure that the right person gets to see the right report.

Measuring Offline Activities

Capturing conversion information isn’t enough to compete. We sift through an enormous glut of data to find the most salient pieces of information and summarize actionable solutions to your biggest marketing quandaries.

Google Analytics Customization

You probably use a variety of rich media including Flash presentations and videos on your website to attract customers. However, normal site tracking analytics tools disregard Flash as part of the site content.

eCommerce Tracking

ECommerce and general tracking are two extremes when it comes to mouseflow. For eCommerce, different codes and objectives need to be set to make sure purchase, cart abandonment and final sales are being tracked properly. We make sure that the same is being done for any eCommerce business.

Website Optimization and Testing

Constantly testing and experimenting is key to arriving at that ‘magic formula’ for the perfect landing page or website, to understand what works and what does not.

Knowledge is Power

Mega-minds Google Analytics experts will ensure that you know your website’s visitors like the back of your hand. Google Analytics services can be used to successfully track the source of user activity, no matter the source. This covers a social media website like Facebook or Linkedln or a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Google Analytics specialists can also identify which segments or pages in your website a user found to be the most interesting. Intimate knowledge of the user will allow you to remove any disconnect that users might feel when they come to your site. Ultimately the use of Google Analytics experts can help towards ensuring higher conversions.

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