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A Database Programmer assumes of a lot of significance when it comes to development of effective database management systems. As the process involves a composite number of software, you need resources that have proven track record on database management systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PgSQL, SQL, Microsoft Access, D2B, PostgreSQL and MySQL etc. In addition to these qualifications the resources should be highly dependable and should be willing to deliver results within tight timelines. Due to these reasons, it is not always prudent to outsource your database programming to conventional outsourcing firms. Moreover, these companies only offer run-of-the-mill solutions in a domain where one size does not fit all. However, with the expertise of you can get customized database management solutions and can still enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing. is not an outsourcing company, but a service provider that helps you hire your very own Database Programmers from India. These amply qualified, experienced and English-speaking programmers work exclusively for you from our world-class office in India. We become your local representatives and provide your dedicated Database Programmers with all the software, hardware, logistics and HR facilities. Also, we make sure that you can monitor your programming process as though it were an in-house activity. In effect, we provide you with your own database management facility in India at zero-investment cost.

What can dedicated Database Programmers do for you

  • Handle multiple software for safe storage of data and easy recovery
  • Ensure data integrity by establishing scheduled backups and securing passwords
  • Verify and test backups to ensure easy availability of data
  • Establish login credentials and create access hierarchy within the organization
  • Keep the software updated as per the changing needs of users
  • Analyze systems and software to keep the organization in tune with the latest trends

Key skill sets of remote dedicated Database Programmers

  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005/2000
  • Ability to create project plan with the help of developers/programmers
  • Ability to migrate and upgrade from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server 2008
  • Configuring and monitoring replication and log shipping in MSSQL Server 2008/2005/2000
  • Troubleshooting and performance tuning of slow-running Queries
  • Planning and implementation of database backup/restore and disaster recovery
  • Writing DTS/SSIS packages, stored procedures, functions, triggers
  • Performance monitoring of MS SQL Server 2008/2005
  • Designing, testing and implementation of high availability solutions for databases
  • Ability to work on database management systems ranging from Oracle, MS Access to D2B

How doyou hire them?

You can hire remote dedicated Database Programmers from the comfort of your office and without any hiring fee. All you need to do is just fill-up the requisition form on the VE website. Our dedicated team of HR professionals source Database Programmers that match your requirements and work in close coordination with you to finalize the candidates. We further empower you by helping you conduct a personal face-to-face interview of the candidates through video conference. Once hired, these professionals work exclusively for you from our own office.

With their up-to-date skills and proven track record of delivering on database management, the dedicated resources add value to your business.


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