Services You Get from Your Remote Mega-minds Assistants

Doing business is one tough challenge. There are too many hats and just one you. Hire Mega-minds and reclaim your life. Save your time, money & energy by sending all your tasks to Mega-minds dedicated  Assistants. Thanks to their skills, experience and tons of patience, Mega-minds highly-responsible smoothly perform repetitive tasks or chores that are seen as ‘drudgery’ and that are time-consuming. From updating your database to booking your flight tickets, your Mega-minds Assistants cover every task. It’s time you make the most of these services.

Personal & Executive Assistance

Delegate little but crucial daily tasks to VAs so that you can focus on decision-making and policy matters

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Books of accounts form the lifeblood of your business. Let trusted, skilled VAs manage & update them

Travel Research

Mega-minds assistants are skilled in researching and analyzing travel and tourism industry behavioral patterns

Data Management

Managing data & preparing that for lectures, meetings, presentations & analyses are the forte of experienced VAs

Customer Support

No need to set up a whole big department of personnel to handle customers. Let VAs manage your customer base

Internet Research

VAs carry out research using the internet so that you can make informed decisions based on the findings

Want Custom Solutions?
Hire a Dedicated Mega-minds Assistant

From Searching to Hiring, Mega-minds Makes It So Easy!

No more lengthy waiting periods to hire Mega-minds assistants who can lessen your work load. Mega-minds helps you go from searching to hiring within days.

Why Hire Mega-minds Assistants from Mega-minds?

  • 65+ VAs Managing 100+ Types of Tasks
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Data Specialists
  • VBA Certified (Visual Basic) for Expertise in Excel, Spreadsheet
  • British Council Certified for Proficiency in English
  • Rolling Monthly Contracts – No Long Lock-in Periods

Share Your Requirement

Hire a Mega-minds Assistant in 4 Simple Steps

Hire a Mega-minds Assistant from MM and benefit by partnering with India’s leading Mega-Minds assistant company. Work with Mega-minds Assistants who are not only highly experienced, but also come with impressive certifications. Make the most of Mega-Minds trusted Indian Mega-Minds assistants in the long run by hiring them on a monthly rolling contract.

  • 1 Share with us the Mega-minds Assistant services you need
  • 2 Get resumes of MM’s Mega-minds Personal Assistants
  • 3 Study the profiles, discuss what exactly you need
  • 4 Hire a Personal Assistant that suits your business

5 Free Ad-Ons you get with our Mega-minds Assistant Team Model Services

When you hire a Mega-minds assistant from MM, you get to enjoy 5 Free Add-ons straightaway. All thanks to the size and experience of our Mega-minds assistant team, our flexible hiring models, our cost-effective solutions and more. In other words, not only can you hire an Indian Mega-minds assistant at a significantly lower cost but, also, enjoy economies of scale and the following FREE perks.

  • Swap between skills seamlessly
  • Get a team but pay for the equivalent of 1 employee
  • Management Information System (MIS) expertise
  • No more re-training
  • Dual supervision

Got a question? Find the answer here!

Can my Mega-minds assistant work as per my business hours?

Absolutely. You can specify your preferred timings and your hired resource will work those business hours.

Do I need to hire full-time Mega-minds assistants or is part-time ok?

Our flexible hiring models allow you to choose either a full-time or a part time Mega-minds assistant as per your specific project requirements and budget.

What will be the location of the Mega-minds assistants I hire?

The Mega-minds assistants you hire from MM will be located in USA. In case you wish to sponsor a temporary training or a temporary onsite presence of your hired MMA, the same can be arranged.

How can I communicate with my VA?

Your MMAs will be available over phone calls, Skype, video call and email. Once you hire them and the work begins, you can communicate with them via any of the above-mentioned communication channels.

How can I be sure that my data will be safe?

We have a stringent data security system in place, in accordance with GDPR (EU), PIPEDA (Canada), CPNI and ECPA (US). In addition, we have a mandatory Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with all our employees in order to guarantee our clients’ data security. 

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