Adobe Photoshop Designers for Clipping Path, Image Layer Masking & Retouching

In the modern world, images are an integral part of every piece of content that a business generates in pursuit of its goals. This is because images not only capture the imagination of your target audience, but also engage them. However, mere imagery is not enough to elicit the desired response from your target group. You need the expertise of a Photoshop Designer to enhance the quality of your photographic content. These Photoshop experts are well versed with the Adobe Photoshop editor and use their imagination to make your photographic content more appealing. So, in a bid to give a touch of class to their photographic content, companies and entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of money to hire Photoshop Artists in India.

  • Hire a dedicated Photoshop expert or an entire Photoshop team, as per your needs
  • It only takes US $1095 – $1995 to hire a dedicated Photoshop expert; the cost depends on the experience and skill of the designer.
  • not only give you access to the abundant Indian talent pool, but also assists you in hiring the most suitable resources. Once you give us the requirements, we send you carefully shortlisted profiles which you screen again before interviewing them personally. Thus you get to handpick the best and the most suitable Photoshop professionals.

How Mega-minds Photoshop Experts Are A Helping Hand for SMEs

Big companies either outsource Photoshop services to specialized service providers or hire Adobe Photoshop experts to take care of this crucial function. In case you are a small business or start up, it can become quite a challenge for you to hire Photoshop editors. You have to grapple with meager funds, lack of infrastructure and administrative problems before bringing processes like Photoshop Image Masking Services, Photoshop Clipping Path Service or Photoshop Layer Masking Services onboard. Of course, you do have the option to outsource Photoshop services; however, the lack of funds usually keeps this choice out of your reach. To overcome this stumbling block, small businesses can now hire dedicated Photoshop designers from India. This is a highly flexible hiring model that gives you a lot of convenience and control on your outsourced project.

Before hiring a Photoshop designer, you should look for the credentials of the resource, including Photoshop certification and experience. In India there is no dearth of such resources; however to hire the right skill sets you should personally interview the candidate. So, insist on a service provider that gives you this ability.

Technologies you can hire

Logo Design:
Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign

Banner Design:
Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop

Template Design:
Adobe Photoshop

CSS multiversion:

2D Animation Design:
Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya

Vector Graphic Design:
Adobe Illustrator

Mega-minds Photoshop Design Services

Adobe Photoshop is a highly versatile tool and Mega-minds Photoshop design experts offer an array of services to optimize your image content. These services include:

  • Photoshop image masking services
  • Photoshop layer masking services
  • Retouching services
  • Clipping Path
  • Image Enhancement Services
  • Real Estate Image Processing
  • Image Editing Services
  • Photo Manipulation Services
  • RAW Image Conversion Services
  • Panorama Map Services

Expertise of our Photoshop Designers

We help you hire the best Photoshop Design talent from India. It is you who calls the shots in hiring of these resources; you check their profiles and interview them through video conference. You also have the option to hire from our in-house team of Photoshop Designers. These seasoned Photoshop experts in India have a proven track record of handling international projects. They can do Photoshop image masking, Photoshop layer masking, retouching, image editing and RAW image conversion. So if you want to enhance the quality of your photographic content, hiring dedicated Photoshop Designers is your best bet.

4 Simple Steps to Hire A Photoshop Artist

Brief Us

Send us your job requirement

Pick the Best Resumes

We send you resumes of screened and shortlisted candidates

Choose Your Team

Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want

Kick Start

If happy with the results, hire them straightaway and start working

Photoshop Q & A

How does it work for you?

  1. The work remains with you and never goes out of your hands
  2. Once hired, the dedicated Photoshop resources work exclusively for you
  3. We give you the latest technology to collaborate online with your dedicated employee(s)
  4. Ability to collaborate gives you control on the Photoshop process

How do you protect my intellectual property?

We understand that data security and protection of intellectual property is the most important thing in an outsourcing arrangement. So, we make customized data security arrangements for our clients. If they want, the dedicated Photoshop experts can work in a cloud environment. Clients can also store the data on their own servers to ascertain its security. Besides, all the intellectual property created by your dedicated employees is your very own asset.

How do I work with my dedicated Photoshop expert?

Once we get the payment, your dedicated Photoshop expert starts working exclusively for you from our office. We provide this resource with office space, hardware, software, IT support and HR support. In addition to this, your dedicated employees have access to the remote collaboration tools like video conference, Skype and PC sharing etc. With these tools, you can monitor their work in real time and can give instant feedback as well.

Can I hire dedicated Photoshop experts on a trial basis?

Yes, you can hire dedicated Photoshop experts on a trial basis. We offer all our clients with a four-hour free trial period. However, if you are looking for a longer trial period, you may go for our paid trial program. In both the cases, you are under no obligation to hire unless you are fully satisfied with the results.

Which raw processors do the dedicated Photoshop experts use?

The dedicated Photoshop experts that we hire for you are proficient with most of the raw processors; however, the most widely used raw processor is the Adobe Lightroom. This is because Abode stays in sync with the latest cameras of all the leading brands. In addition to this, the Lightroom is compatible with sidecar xmp files as well. Dedicated Photoshop experts can give you high quality raw conversions because they are well versed with the process tools as well as the whole process.

What makes our business model ideal for you?

  1. You are hiring a dedicated employee and not really outsourcing
  2. Direct and easy access to seasoned Photoshop experts
  3. Better control through multi-communication channels
  4. Cost-effectiveness without compromising on the quality of the work

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