Hire Customer Care & Technical Support Executives

It was Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) that set the outsourcing ball rolling in the early 1990s when manufacturing giants like Coca Cola first began to outsource large segments of their supply chain, followed by British Airways, American Express, Swissair and GE.

56% of the world’s BPO services are outsourced to India, and 70% of the revenue of the Indian BPO industry comes from contact centers. Such a wide variety of BPO service advantages can be enjoyed only in India and not in other countries. Indian BPO companies provide inbound and outbound call center services on a 24/7 basis and address customer queries and resolve issues through phone calls, e-mails, and chats. Additionally, BPO technical support services also include installation, running, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer hardware, software, and peripherals.

In the last 15 years or so, the BPO sector has evolved rapidly. It has expanded its verticals, geographic reach, and attracted new customers. Amidst this development, India has cemented her position as the most favored global outsourcing destination. A research by NASSCOM has revealed that its unique geographic location, 24×7 services, quality orientation, and investor-friendly tax environment have made India a popular destination for the BPO industry. Though other BPO-friendly locations like Philippines and China have emerged, they haven’t been able to dislodge India from its numero uno position.

Hire Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Experts From Mega-minds

Customer Care Executives (CCEs)

  • Voice Process– Our Voice Process experts handle complaints, support-related calls, information inquiries, and queries from customers over the phone. Their problems and concerns are addressed through inbound calls. Outbound calls are also attempted to customers on your behalf which pertain to telemarketing, promotions, sales, verification services, etc.
  • Chat Process– Mega-minds’s Chat Process team answers Live Chat requests from customers on behalf of the client. It’s a text-based process. These dedicated employees possess high-grade customer service skills and are ready to work even in the rotational and graveyard shifts. Hire our chat process outsourcing experts for best results. Chat support process outsourcing to Mega-minds helps you to be available for your customers 24×7, thereby boosting your business and increasing your ROI.
  • Email Process– Mega-minds’s Email Process team interacts with a client’s customers through email support; troubleshoots problems related to their email ID and password; writes emails to and receives emails from customers on a daily basis. This highly motivated employee(s) aims to offer prompt solutions to your customers through the medium of emails and build a rapport with them.
  • Blended Process– Our Blended Process Executives provide customer services for both incoming and outgoing calls. They also provide telephony customer care and support on varying issues. Our professionally managed team of experts offer customer care services in record time round the clock.

Technical Support Executives (TSEs)

  • Voice Process– Mega-minds’s TSEs for Voice Process provide telephone-based assistance to customers regarding their technical issues. They also provide maintenance advice and hands-on support to users of mobile phones, computers, laptops, televisions, and software products.
  • Chat Process– The Chat Process TSEs that you hire from us handle Chats regarding technical issues as well as customer grievances and concerns. These TSEs offer the best technical solutions to customers via Chat and are equally adept at troubleshooting hardware or software problems – all via Chats.
  • Tech Support Process– Have easy and quick access to your team of tech support specialists who are adept at trouble-shooting and problem solving issues for your clients. VE’s tech support process outsourcing experts are knowledgeable and qualified specialists.
  • Email Process– Mega-minds’s TSEs provide technical support to customers through emails. They are adept at responding to even large volume of emails on a daily basis. These experts provide email solutions to customer queries with a fast turnaround time.

7 Reasons to Outsource BPO Services to Mega-minds

  • We help you hire the very best BPO professionals in the industry
  • You get to handpick the CCE or TSE you think best suits your needs
  • These CCEs and TSEs work exclusively for you
  • They work for you at a fraction of the cost their western counterparts charge
  • You are ensured a 24×7 customer care service
  • Modern online communication and collaboration tools
  • Flexibility to scale up and down the hires at any time

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